Boot Dogs - train your boots to sit and stay!

Welcome to Boot Dogs!  Sniff around a bit... we think you'll find something you like!  WOOF!

Boot Dogs were born out of our passion for boots and our love of dogs.  Frustrated by our boots flopping over in our closets, we designed Boot Dogs to bring order to the pack.  

Boot Dogs train your boots to Sit and Stay, keeping them looking great, and your closets neat and tidy.  Each set of Boot Dogs come with a leash for easy handling, packaged and ready for gifting.  

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Boot Dogs was launched in 2012 by Janine Strandoo and Heidi Haydon. In just a few short months, we've shipped Boot Dogs from one end of the US to the other. Our mission: to get Boot Dogs into every pair of boots out there, and into a pair near you! Like, REALLY near you... like, in your closet! Adopt a pair now!

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We promise not to bark too often.